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Haagbeuk in het Merwesteinpark, Dordrecht
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Leo Goudzwaard, op 2014-04-15 15:39:18, zei:
hallo Wim, dit is Fagus sylvatica 'Aspleniifolia', mooie boom, Leo

Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-16 15:29:16, zei:
Hi Leo,.

Dank voor de correctie. Jammer dat zelfs info van een park waarvan de grondlegger J.R. Hoey Smith is, zijn bomen niet correct benoemd. Ik had de naam uit hun eigen informatiebronnen. Ik zal het veranderen.



Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-17 08:18:47, gewijzigd op 2014-04-17 08:32:38, zei:
Hallo Leo,

De beheerder namens gemeente en stichting blijft erbij dat het een Carpinus betulus Quercifolia is. Nico Duyndam (de beheerder) geeft aan " Wim ik moet je toch teleurstellen boom nr 48 is echt een Carpinus betulus Quercifolia een Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia draagt sowieso geen 2 verschillende bladvormen. Dit even ter kennisgeving. Groeten


Nou ben ik niet teleurgesteld dat het toch een Carpinus Betulus Quercifolia is, maar wel in onzekerheid wat ik zal doen.



Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-17 09:14:45, zei:

Ik heb nogmaals contact gehad met Nico Duyndam. Zodra de boom in blad staat stuurt hij een foto. Naar zijn mening is dat het meest overtuigend.



Martin Tijdgat, op 2014-04-17 17:38:50, zei:
Wim en Leo,

De F.s. 'Aspleniifolia' heeft wel degelijk 2 verschillende bladvormen. Kijk maar naar mijn foto's van de varenbeuk in Woodstock Gardens. Ik heb er met Gert Fortgens van Arboretum Trompenburg ook over gehad, maar er is een hele zwerm van in de natuur gevonden beuken met afwijkende bladvormen; met ingesneden tot lijnvormige bladeren. Deze gevonden vormen kregen bij naamgeving allerlei verschillende namen.

Maar ga er graag eens kijken want Carpinus betulus 'Quercifolia' als volwassen boom heb ik nog niet gezien.

Groet, Marrtin

Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-17 19:23:25, zei:
IK heb zojuist 17-4-2014 21.22 uur een foto van het blad bij de boom geplaatst.

Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-17 20:15:00, gewijzigd op 2014-04-17 20:16:20, zei:
Han van Meegeren heeft een zelfde soort boom opgevoerd in Breda. [ t 9593]

Hij geeft aan dat de boom grotendeels beukenbladeren heeft en aan de uiteinden eikenbladeren.

haagbeuk (Carpinus betulus) '9593'

TheTreeRegisterOwenJohnson, op 2013-11-15 17:55:00, zei:
The historic heights for this tree seem to show the limitations of both hypsometers and lasers. 33m is optimistic, aiming at branches which are arching slightly towards the observer. 27m is much too low, due to the laser hitting low twigs on the near side (the top of a tree with a crown as rounded as this is completely hidden, even from a distance, in summer. Having measured it several times (with hypsometer) before it leafs out, I'm going to plump for 30.8m - though I can't really claim that degree of accuracy.
Jeroen Philippona, op 2013-11-16 00:43:03, gewijzigd op 2013-11-16 00:46:48, zei:
Yes, I think with 31 m you are near the true height of this tree. My 33 m measurement in 2007 with Suunto clinometer was not very accurate. Owen, you should add your 30.8 m measurement also in the system with the right date.

When you visit Kew next time you could measure it again with laser. I also think Wim B. did not hit the tallest branches.

Wim Brinkerink, op 2013-11-16 15:02:11, zei:
What both of you are saying might well be true. It's not always easy to find the highest one and a mistake is easily made.
krossdal1, op 2014-03-30 10:43:24, zei:
great tree
RedRob, op 2014-04-17 16:07:40, zei:
Wouldn't an answer for this tree be to email Kew and ask them to meet you with one of those hydraulic extendable things which men stand in to get up to the crowns of trees to prune? It would give you a view over the top of the crown more and down to the base, that said some of the branches look low and could obscure the view of the laser from some windows.
Conifers, op 2014-04-17 19:14:24, zei:
That sounds a good idea, offer them £1000 for the costs of using it, and I'm sure they'd do it ;-))
Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-17 19:17:58, zei:
One mistake I made before 2014 is that I didn't add my own length to the measurement. So my measurement must at least be heightened with 1.80 meters.

RedRob, op 2014-04-17 17:27:29, zei:
Hope to have abit of help with 100% verification for this tree. Emailed Duncombe to ask them to confirm but no reply.

Photo 4, a 32 metre Beech had fallen over winter plus a smaller Sycamore and opened up a window to see this tree. Photo 1, the three tall trees in the centre, the one on the right was definitely Oak when I measured it at 34.6 metres last year. I couldn't see the bases of the other two to hit them with the laser. I think that they were Oak, took photos of the ground underneath and Oak and Beech leaves but I amjust not 100% sure as the Oak and Ash bark patterns on trees on this estate are quite if very similar. I stood 48.2 metres below the right branch tip of this tree doing a horizontal measurement. The laser measured 40.8-41.2 metres for the vertical separation between the tree base and tip. I did over 30 measurements to just make sure that I was not getting deflection, mis-readings from any stray closer twigs between the laser and tree base but got measurements in this range consistantly. No leaves on trees and difficult to get a hit on the tallest twig, right one which was the highest, so if anything it may be abit more than 41.2 metres but I will go with 41 metres.

Are these photos good enough to confirm 100% that this is Oak, the twigs were so high up?

The 32 metre fallen Beech in the photo, the tree just above it is the 36.2 metre Ash, the two Beeches just up to it's right, the front one in 40 metres, very lucky that some of these didn't fall. It is very sheltered from the SW wind at the bottom of this escarpment, surprising that this has fallen (and several other Beeches and what looks like a big Sycamore on the escarpment), there must have been a whirlwind or vortex or something?

Sessile oak in Knole Park, Sevenoaks
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Jeroen Philippona, op 2014-04-03 20:06:36, zei:
Hi Owen,

Nice you confirmed it to be 41 m! I visited Knole with Tim Bekaert in April 2007 and was a bit frustrated I did not know where this tree stood so that I did not find it.

Did you remeasure the girth also?

Regards, Jeroen

Tim B, op 2014-04-04 06:58:54, zei:
Yes indeed, I remember very well. I looked on the map where the tree stands, and reconstructed our walk in 2007: luckily for us now, Jeroen, we did not walk very close to the tree and missed it.

Kind regards,


TheTreeRegisterOwenJohnson, op 2014-04-06 16:37:10, zei:
I've now heard that the tree was climbed by Waldo Etherington last year at 38.7m, which is much closer to my hypsometer estimates, so this time the laser height is probably not accurate. I could only record 41m from one direction - the rest of the time I was getting around 39m but felt I was only hitting near shoots on the side of the crown. It is a difficult tree to record because of the broad, even dome, and I doubt if Waldo's team got to the very highest shoots.

RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:56:41, zei:
This is a superb tree, is there any visible wind shear on it Owen, was the higher reading looking at the tree from the north east side? With a big crown like this, it must be a real decision for a climber to decide which is the tallest shoot sticking up, how would they have decided which one to choose?

RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:56:57, zei:
This is a superb tree, is there any visible wind shear on it Owen, was the higher reading looking at the tree from the north east side? With a big crown like this, it must be a real decision for a climber to decide which is the tallest shoot sticking up, how would they have decided which one to choose?

Winter storm damage.
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RedRob, op 2014-04-15 17:17:30, zei:
How has everyone faired with damage from the winter storms? Quite alot of my own to report, alot of damage, fallen and shattered trees up here.

Jeroen Philippona, op 2014-04-15 21:21:32, zei:
In the NW of the Netherlands there was a lot of storm damage in November and December, in Amsterdam a lot of trees in the old city fell over. In the region where I live in the east there was little storm damage this winter. The winter here was a lot dryer and with less wind compared to most of the UK. January to March were very warm and dry.


Martin Tijdgat, op 2014-04-16 00:57:40, zei:
RedRob and Jeroen,

From the 10.000 trees I take care off in my area (Wijdemeren next to Hilversum) there were 45 storm victims after october 28 2013. 10 birch in one street, 7 young Liquidambar, 5 young Pterocarya stenoptera, and only a few 60 year old trees as oak, Groeneveld-iep, aspen, London plane, willow and lime.

We have already replanted 19 trees like 4 Ostrya carpinifolia, Ulmus 'Frontier', 3-stemmed Parrotia persica, Ginkgo biloba 'Saratoga', Acer platanoides 'Eurostar' Acer rubrum 'Karpick', Ulmus 'Dodoens'. I have to find room for 11 other trees to keep in line with our 60% replant in the local tree policy paper.


RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:51:19, zei:
When you watch the BBC weather forecasts, a great deal of the time with the depressions you can see the tight isobars over us even down to the channel and then open isobars sometimes none over France, Germany, even the low countries as you say, amazing what a few miles difference makes southern England over to the continent.

RedRob, op 2014-04-15 17:12:27, zei:
Hello all, this bear has just woken up from hibernation.

The recent and ongoing photo voting saga, these photos will trounce any ever posted on here (winks)

Seriously, the biggest tragedy since I have been tree hunting and measuring. Forestry is not sentimental I know but walking around this site up the devastated land up the hill, this must have been the or one of the largest and most mature stands of Abies Procera anywhere judging by all the stumps. I could see big shadows on Google Maps, these stragglers that are left were probably not the tallest, I suspect a 40 meterer here. The tallest left is the slightly leaning tree immediately above the lady on the horse, 33.8 metres consistantly but had to aim just below the tip to get a hit with the laser. Anyone have any opinions as to why seemingly isolated trees like this are left standing? Are they likely to be left standing? If not then the trees here are likely to have gone already. If only I had visited a month earlier.

Sisley, op 2014-04-15 18:45:41, zei:
Storms are always a problem for trees and plantations in especially for a monospecific plot of the same age, exposed to wind corridor.

It's a shock at the time, but we are forced to go ahead and then nature abhors a vacuum, so in years other species grow on the ground.

This is my main fear for some old specimens open field I spotted but what can you do front from the elements.

Conifers, op 2014-04-15 19:34:45, zei:
The other option is that they left some standing to act as seed trees to regenerate the site naturally - Noble Fir is quite good at producing natural regeneration in Britain.

RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:43:53, zei:
Hello Conifers, funny that you should say that, I was struck by how many self seeded Nobles there were on bits of the slope where the caterpillar machine hadn't been, all really small ones no bigger than about 6 inches, none of any higher height? Whether taller ones had been destroyed but I couldn't find any evidence if they had? When I visited Cragside, there were seedling Douglas Firs and Hemlocks around many tree bases but no Noble Fir seedlings around the big Nobles, the seedlings here are Greenhow are the first that I have ever seen. Perhaps if they are leaving the remaining trees for self seeding, this Yorkshire County champion Noble will survive unless exposure leads to it being dropped.

RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:45:48, zei:
What are the old specimans you fear for Sisley? Does that big near 58 metre Sequoiadendron have reasonable shelter, do you think that there may be more Seqys of this height waiting for you to find?

Stephen Verge
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RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:39:05, zei:
Hello Stephen, been quite a while, are you still with us? Did you purchase your laser?

Aubrey Fennell
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RedRob, op 2014-04-17 15:38:02, zei:
Hello Aubrey, just read your post on the 'Spring' thread that sounds wild to say the least, if I remember correctly I think we had 87mph at Bingley as the maximum here. Driving around I have seen shattered trees all over the place, it will be a case of re-checking trees to see if there has been any damage. I hope for instance that the big Sweet Chestnuts at Fountains haven't fallen. Which of your monumental trees have gone, any of real significance for height? The 40 metre Ash hasn't gone for instance has it? How are you getting on with the Nikon Forestry Pro laser?

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Rayn, op 2014-04-16 08:05:30, zei:
How far is spring in your area and which trees are first?

Snow have now melted, in almost all shaded places too here, and most trees have developed fresh buds and the willows have formed their catkins.

aubreyfennell, op 2014-04-16 17:54:40, zei:
Living in Carlow,south-east Ireland at 52'50N and 50 km from the Irish Sea as I do,spring has burst reasonably early

this year. We have just suffered the wettest winter on record with almost 500mm rainfall in Dec to Feb. It usually

is about 170mm for this period.The lowest winter temperature recorded was -2.8c and we had no snow. April has been dry ,sunny and warm and the most common trees such as Quercus,Fagus,Acer pseudoplatanus and Crataegus are almost fully in leaf. Our swallows arrived on the 9th and butterflies such as peacock,red admiral,brimstone,holly blue,small tortoiseshell and green veined white have emerged in the garden but I am still waiting for speckled wood and orange tip. I am still clearing up fallen trees after the most devastating storm[Darwin]in 20 years.On February 12th wind

gusts of 178kms an hour hit the south-west and reached 135kms here in Carlow.Up to 3 million forestry trees were flattened and many of our monumental trees are now gone.

KoutaR, op 2014-04-17 14:21:41, zei:
Here in Saxony (Sachsen, Germany), the first tree bud burst was about three weeks ago. Now many species have at least half-grown leaves, exceptions are e.g. Quercus, whose leaves are starting to grow, and Fraxinus, which is always the last one. Spring is early in this years. The winter was very mild, with only a few days snow.

A few years ago I wrote down when each tree species come into leaf but I don't find my notes for now. Anyway, Sambucus nigra is always the first one. Other early species include Aesculus, Carpinus, Betula, Sorbus aucuparia and Crataegus.

Scholem Alejchem, op 2014-04-17 09:41:23, zei:
Ich will ja nicht štzen, aber der letzte bebilderte Absatz hier

wšre sicher hilfreich.

lg Scholem

Frank Gyssling, op 2014-04-16 18:16:02, zei:
Mein "Abwerter" ist wieder pŁnktlich zur Stelle ;-). Wie immer, leider ohne Kommentar.
Rainer Lippert, op 2014-04-16 18:25:52, zei:
Hallo Frank,

es ist nicht "dein" Abwerter ;-) Meine Bilder erhalten auch zu genŁge so niedrige Bewertungen.

Viele GrŁŖe,


Libanoneik in het Merwesteinpark, Dordrecht
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Wim Brinkerink, op 2014-04-16 17:39:59, zei:
Hallo Leo.

Er is geen Libanoneik in het Merwesteinpark. Is dit misschien de moseik?

Groet Wim

Zeltins, op 2014-04-14 16:10:28, zei:
Still alive after the 2005th January storms.
RedRob, op 2014-04-15 17:25:08, zei:
Quite a few trees like this up here in Yorkshire after this winter.

Foto's door 013hanvanmeegeren
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OKAnnette, op 2014-04-15 11:20:34, zei:
Hoi Han, weet jij wanneer de Pawlowna Tormentosa in Maastricht bloeit? Vanuit Friesland wel een te grote gok om op de bonnefooi te gaan. Annette

Overlegpagina van Nardo
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OKAnnette, op 2014-04-15 11:17:50, zei:
Dag Nardo, weet jij wanneer de Pawlonia Tormentosa in Eindhoven bloeit? Ik zou het graag willen zien, maar een reisje vanuit Friesland is een te grote 'gok' om op de bonnen. Fooi te gaan. Alvast bedankt Annette


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