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E. saligna op Williams River, Barrington Tops National Park, AustraliŽ


Afbeelding door KoutaR



KoutaR, op 2014-05-04 08:07:41, zei:
And thanks for the further information!


KoutaR, op 2014-05-04 08:06:38, zei:
We have requested for years that "planted" should be replaced by "planted/regenerated" or something like that, but the site administrator is not willing to change it.
fildu, op 2014-05-04 07:13:54, zei:
Hi Kouta,

perhaps there was, though gauging the age of eucalypts is very difficult, and also controversial, which was why I was interested. I wouldn't argue with that assessment. This site only allows for "planted" whereas of course these forest trees are all self-sown. Try this website for some more large trees in Australia including this one shown which holds the record for E. saligna.

Yes, I know that website and it is very helpful. If you discover anything more about big/old E. globulus in Spain or Portugal I am always interested.

Best wishes for your tree-spotting work.


KoutaR, op 2014-05-04 06:52:12, zei:
Hi Philip,

I visited the tree and Barrington Tops NP in 2008. Maybe there was a signpost telling the age, I can't remember. Or I have simply guessed it taking account of the longevity and growth rate of the species. If you have better knowledge about the age, please change the it.

I don't know how old are the oldest eucalypts in Spain/Portugal. The tallest reliable measured eucalypt in Portugal was 72m in 2010. See:

We don't have newer data.



fildu, op 2014-05-04 01:44:28, zei:
Hi - I see you have been to Australia and to an areas very close to my property near the Barrington Tops. I have similar trees to the one you have photgraphed but I believe much older. How did you assess this one's age? I am also interested in very old eucalypts in Spain or Portugal if you have any knowledge of them. When you are in Australia again you must see mine!



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Locatie: Williams River, New South Wales

Exemplaar: E. saligna
(Eucalyptus saligna) "7014"

Boomsoort: E. saligna
(Eucalyptus saligna)

-32.153351, 151.527938
S32 9.20106 E151 31.67628
32į 9' 12.1" S, 151į 31' 40.6" E

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Fotograaf: KoutaR
Datum: 2012-03-25
Bestandsupload op 2012-03-26 21:55:29

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