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Charme commun dans les fôrets du Schlosswald / forêt domaniale de Sarre-Union, Herbitzheim, France


Image par Sisley



Sisley, à 2012-04-18 18:52:50, a dit:

I live not so far away from this place, I will go found this year the larix tree.

If you have others infos for the Saarland and Rheinland Pfalz I'm ok.

KoutaR, à 2012-04-17 11:47:35, a dit:

I see you have visited forests & trees in western Germany, too. Near Nohfelden, Rheinland Pfalz, there would be very tall larches (Larix decidua). The tallest is claimed to be 50 m tall, it would be a European record. The location is a bit too far for me; perhaps you live closer to it. It would be great if you could go to measure there. You find some information if you make a Google search 'Nohfelden lärche "50 meter"'. I don't know how your German is; if you cannot read it, you can use the Google Translator.


KoutaR, à 2012-04-15 21:25:47, a dit:

I wrote a comment to you today here (a bit wrong place): http://www.monumentaltrees.com/en/photos/6743/#c


Sisley, à 2012-04-15 19:46:06, a dit:
Thank !

I hope discover more record species in my country, but it's increasingly difficult to found new tall trees as this specimens.

It's not impossible that are prunus avium and carpinus betulus slightly taller in this forests (35,5-37 m).

KoutaR, à 2012-04-14 21:28:15, a dit:
New European record! Congratulations! Also on the 35-metre Prunus avium which is a record, too.


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Détails de l'image

Localisation: Schlosswald / forêt domaniale de Sarre-Union, Herbitzheim

Exemplaire: charme commun
(Carpinus betulus) "7065"

Espèce d'arbre: charme commun
(Carpinus betulus)

49.02603, 7.118888
N49 1.5617999999999 E7 7.13328
49° 1' 33.7" N, 7° 7' 8" E

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Photographe: Sisley
Date: 2012-04-13
Téléchargée à 2012-04-14 12:10:24

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