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Sapin de Nordmann dans le domaine Cragside House, Rothbury, Royaume-Uni


Image par RedRob



Conifers, à 2012-07-24 00:01:21, a dit:
It's the middle tree in this pic, and just behind the kid in this pic, with the pale grey trunk.
RedRob, à 2012-07-23 18:06:02, a dit:
Con, I have just added yet another photo, it was the bottom one when I left the page. I never went down to see this tree but there is a solid looking conifer above the beck in the photo in the distance. It looks like a cypress of some sort from this photo, any ideas what this one is? It looks a fair size.
RedRob, à 2012-07-23 17:48:02, a dit:
Hello Conifers, I have just added some more photos of the area that you say this Nordman is in, is this the tree? The trees are not labelled and the foliage is way out of reach. I have to admit that I have never seen a big Nordman before in person before, only Christmas trees.

The Tree Register location for this tree is poor, it says before the Rustic Bridge which is the location for where I posted the original photos, the leaflet I got from Cragside clearly states that this is the Rustic Bridge. The location is actually below the big metal bridge, just above the lower part of the Pinetum.

Conifers, à 2012-07-20 18:37:50, a dit:
Forgot to say, the Nootka is just out to the left, at the end of the metal bridge.
Conifers, à 2012-07-20 18:36:46, a dit:
I know the Abies nordmanniana well; it's not in this pic. This is looking upstream, you need to look downstream, to the left. It is rather hidden among 50+m Pseudotsuga, with a tall Picea orientalis fairly near it.

What is in this pic is a very tall Pinus sylvestris (approx 35m? Can't remember exactly though), which might possibly be the tallest in Britain; starting at the right edge is an Abies procera, then a Tsuga heterophylla, and then the pine.

Also of interest, just out of the pic, is a very tall (~32m) Cupressus nootkatensis, also one of the tallest of its species in Britain.

RedRob, à 2012-07-20 17:16:47, a dit:
There are two photos if you click on the title, taken from different heights in the valley which give a better impression of height when viewed together.
RedRob, à 2012-07-20 17:13:29, a dit:
There is a 48 metre Abies Nordmanniana 'in the Debdon valley, just below the rustic bridge'. The little rustic bridge can be seen in this photo, expert spotters on here, any ideas which is the Nordmann? It looks like the solid fir on the right here but I only found out about this tree after I had visited and didn't specifically check it out to photograph it. The Douglas Firs around it must be some height if this is the Nordman and it is 48 metres.

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Détails de l'image

Localisation: Cragside House, Northumberland

Exemplaire: sapin de Nordmann
(Abies nordmanniana) "8732"

Espèce d'arbre: sapin de Nordmann
(Abies nordmanniana)

55.312992, -1.888073
N55 18.77952 W1 53.28438
55° 18' 46.8" N, 1° 53' 17.1" W

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Photographe: RedRob
Téléchargée à 2012-07-20 17:09:14

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