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Fresno de montaña australiano a lo largo de la carretera de acceso al palacio, Luso, Portugal


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(es) The tallest tree in continental Europe


RedRob, en 2012-02-04 17:12:29, ha dicho:
Superb links Sisley and Jeroen, thank you for posting them, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Eucalypts of western Portugal and Spain. I have never been on holiday to Portugal but with 1.3 billion Eucalypts and massive trees of 72 metres and double Coast Redwoods of 52 metres, it would be a tree lover's paradise. From the photos, there is no need to travel all the way to Australia, these trees are approaching the same size.
Jeroen Philippona, en 2012-02-03 20:43:26, ha dicho:
Another link to information and photos of the Karri Knight:
Jeroen Philippona, en 2012-02-03 20:36:20, ha dicho:

The Karri Knight seems to be the tallest tree in Europe. It is rather sure that it is the tallest Eucalyptus in Portugal and Spain. As you know the tallest trees of the UK, Germany and France are probably 64.27 (Abies grandis), 63.3 m and about 61 m (both Pseudotsuga menziesii) tall, the tallest native Abies alba and Picea abies of Europe seem to be between 60 and 63 (perhaps 65) m, the reports of Abies nordmanniana in the Caucasian of 68 up to 85 m talll are very unsure, as some forestry professors of that area say the maximum height is about 60 m. The report of a Caucasian fir of 78 m by Vladimir Dinetz was only based on the measurement of the shade!

Perhaps somewere in Europe there are a few Douglas or Grand firs taller than 64 m, but it is unlikely they are over 70 m at the moment.

For the Karri Knight see:


RedRob, en 2012-02-03 18:45:53, ha dicho:
Hello Jeroen, is the 72 metre ' Karri Knight' Eucalyptus Diversicolor the tallest tree in Europe? I would like to see some photos of this tree and will have a browse through the 'Species' when I haved replied on here.
Jeroen Philippona, en 2012-02-02 22:57:10, ha dicho:

This King Regnans tree was the tree measured by Dean Nicole with laser as 64.5 m. So how did you measure it as over 70 m? Did you measure it yourself or was it measured by others? What do you mean with the word: medition? Do you mean measurement? When you are Flemish, we also can write in Dutch / Flemish language.

Regards, Jeroen

Jeroen Philippona, en 2012-02-02 21:40:34, ha dicho:
Hi Bruno and others,

Nice this Eucalypts in Portugal. There was already a bit posted in Dutch on Eucalyptus globulus in Spain (in the Dutch version) with more comment:

There you can find some links to among others the webside of the Austalian Eucalyptus expert Dean Nicolle who measured several of the tallest Eucalyptus trees in Spain and Portugal.

He measured the Karri Knight, the Eucalyptus diversicolor near Coimbra, as 72 m as the tallest of all. Some Eucalyptus globulus in Spain he measured as at least 68 m and the tallest E. regans in Portugal he measured as 65 m. See:

See also the comment of some people on measuring tall trees by climbing with direct tape drop at:

Regards, Jeroen

Sisley, en 2012-02-02 19:43:31, ha dicho:
Good luck for your project.

- - -

Some pictures of this australian eucalyptus :

and a photo of a climber at the top of one of the tallest tropical tree (koompassia excelsa / 86 m/ Bornéo )

Bruno de Grunne, en 2012-02-02 18:18:43, ha dicho:
Thanks again Sisley,

The problem of the measurements made by freelance climbers is they can not be use for a scientific database. But they offer very helpful informations to plan an official database with certification.

In Portugal we are in a process of creation of our national arboriculture association. It's a slow process but I believe we will have the participation of an university and more institutions who will give us a solid scientific base to define the methods for furthers measurements. . It will offer a precise way to observe the evolution of those giants.

We may call for help some day.

Keep in touch

The 28 of April I will be in Belgium to present a new project that will give the possibility to normal persons to discover trees from the perspective we love: It`s a gentel way to live with the trees

Be my guest. I'll post soon invitations on the facebook of treesandpeople.

Sisley, en 2012-02-02 16:33:16, ha dicho:
Oh, I haven't realise this error !

A member of a climber arborist forum tell me how he proceed for the the measurement campaign of giant eucalyptus in Australia.

" For the measurement campaigns of Eucalyputs regnans, laser measuring from the ground. When you have a customer more than 80/85 meters you climb. String with lead for the measurement. For the last few meters or meter to measure by hand. The head of the tree is often dead, it's often fun time ... "

I don't know if some branch can hinder the cord, but the error margin could not be tall ?

Bruno de Grunne, en 2012-02-01 21:34:21, ha dicho:
Sorry friends, but my english is quiet poor. The Eucalyptus of the video posted by Sisley is the diversicolor of Val de Canas. Not far from this one, but not the same.

Just in case... Any way, feel welkome here to folow this discution.

Best to all of you

RedRob, en 2012-02-01 18:10:20, ha dicho:
Yes, thank you for posting the link Sisley, very interesting, great tree. The crown does look quite crowded from this upward photo with no clear view of the leading shoot of the tree. I would be interested as well to hear if there was any distortion with the line drop measurement because of the tape having to bend around branches.
Bruno de Grunne, en 2012-01-31 15:47:31, ha dicho:
Thank you for the video Sisley. This a very usefull imformation for my work. Could you tell us moore about the mesuring méthod used on that tree. Was the climber alone to do it? How did he check if the line came down with out any zigzag between the branches?

Any complementairy info will be welkome.

Sisley, en 2012-01-31 12:33:57, ha dicho:
A video of this eucalyptus climbing in Portugal :

RedRob, en 2012-01-30 16:54:25, ha dicho:
Hello Bruno, this tree, 6443 I presume, looks like making a trip to Portugal just to see it alone. Magnificent looking tree. The climate of Portugal I expect is very similar to parts of Tasmania where these trees grow to huge sizes, probably abit warmer. I had read on the net about huge Eucalyptus Regnans growing in Portugal but there were no photos, thank you for posting this again and for the item on the description pages which I have just looked at. In this photo, are the other trees around the edge of the photo also Eucalyptus Regnans? They look like they are but hard to tell for sure when in the distance.
Bruno de Grunne, en 2012-01-30 15:41:15, ha dicho:
I am not shure of the medition. We will come back with equipment to make this medition with a apropriate method (drop-line ). Probably with the new portuguese association of arboriculture of Portugal.

I'let you now...

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(Eucalyptus regnans)

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