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Monumental trees worldwide

By country

By species

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Redwood National Park, Redwood National Park, United States 15.18 m115.72 m
Weott, Upper Bull Creek, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, United States 14.65 m~111.65 m
Myers Flatt, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, United States 16.39 m~110.64 m
Santa Ana, Willard Intermediate School, United States ?~110.00 m
Weott, Founders Grove, Humboldt redwoods state park, United States 12.19 m~105.76 m
Ukiah, Montgomery Redwoods Preserve, United States 13.41 m~103.63 m
Crescent City, Howland Hill in Jed Smith redwoods state park, United States 17.68 m~100.58 m
Brummit Creek, Brummit Creek, United States 11.12 m99.76 m
Tahune Airwalk, forests near Tahune Airwalk, Australia12.73 m99.60 m
Crescent City, Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith State Park, United States 16.40 m99.00 m
Crescent City, Grove of the Titans, Jed Smith State Park, United States 21.95 m98.76 m
Orick, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, United States 18.29 m91.74 m
Klamath, Trees of Mystery tourist attraction, United States 17.70 m~91.13 m
Orick, Drury Scenic Pkwy in Prarie Creek State Park, United States 22.73 m87.20 m
Mountain Home Demonstration Forest, Balch Park, United States 24.04 m86.20 m
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway, United States 8.94 m84.20 m
Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest, United States 25.90 m83.50 m
Sequoia National Forest, Giant Sequoia National Monument, United States 24.30 m81.90 m
Girth = girth measured at 1.3 / 1.5 m
Height = estimated height
= one registered tree
= two registered trees
= more than two registered trees
= photo available
= top of tree lost/damaged by lighting
= not yet confirmed that tree really exists
= measurements older than 15 years

By location

Full size map
 Exact positionApproximate position
Girth larger than 9.00 m
Girth between 6.00 m and 9.00 m
Girth between 5.00 m and 6.00 m
Girth between 4.00 m and 5.00 m
Girth between 3.00 m and 4.00 m
Girth less than 3.00 m
Girth unknown





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