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Monumental trees worldwide

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LocationGirth Height
Ooike, Deinzestraat, Belgium ??
De Kwakel, Steenwijkerveld, Netherlands??
Tessenderlo, Schoterweg, Belgium??
Sint-Michielsgestel, Dommel, Netherlands ??
Baker, Great Basin National Park, United States ??
Waulsort, pont de Waulsort, Belgium ??
Vilanova d'Alcolea, Pascualet, Spain ??
Tewksbury, River Avon, United Kingdom ??
Klootchy Creek County Park, about 2.5 miles east of Hwy 101 on the north side of Hwy 26, United States ??
Majdan Lipowiecki, St. Mary's chapel, Poland ??
Hietzing, dem Grünauer Teich, Austria ??
Schmalwasser, im Wald, Germany ??
Stróża-Kolonia, chapel of Holy Trinity, Poland ??
Blou, Centre Shenten Dargyé Ling, France??
Boulay, D262 (Rue du Tilleul), France ??
Wabasis Lake State Park, on the hillside west of the lake, United States ??
Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Avenue de la Faisanderie, Belgium ??
Bielefeld-Mitte, Kunsthalle, Germany ??

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