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Monumental trees worldwide

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LocationGirth Height
Hohenzieritz, LSG Rosenholz, Germany 4.45 m?
Dretzen, Norden, Germany 4.45 m?
Naukseni, Naukseni, Latvia 4.44 m~34.10 m
Bratislava, Horsky park, Slovakia 4.44 m30.20 m
OT Sacrow, im Königswald, ca. 300 m westlich vom Schlosspark, Germany 4.44 m~30 m
Olympia, Capitol lawn 27 m NE of fountain, and 30 m west of Capitol W, United States ~4.44 m~22.25 m
Stegen, About 150 m to the west of the "Brücherheck" farm., Luxembourg 4.44 m~18 m
Sulechów, the Poznańska and 31st January street, Poland 4.44 m~16 m
Boppard, Ort, Germany 4.44 m16 m
Tilburg, Baron van Voorst tot Voorstweg, Netherlands 4.44 m~15 m
Hárskút/Ráktanya, Hárskút/Ráktanya, Hungary4.44 m?
Wavre, parc de Beumont, Belgium 4.44 m?
Appeldorn, Burg Boetzelaer, Germany 4.44 m?
Jasło, road 992, Poland 4.44 m?
Köpenick, Schloss Köpenick, Germany 4.44 m?
Oosterhout, de flat aan de Schapendries, Netherlands 4.44 m?
Saint gervais d'auvergne, playground, France 4.44 m?
Claveisolles, Corcelle, France >4.43 m~60 m

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