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Monumental trees worldwide

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LocationGirth Height
Curinga, Monte Carmelo / near Eremo di Sant'Elia, Italy 18.00 m~14.00 m
Orick, picnic area of Prarie Creek Redwood State Park, United States 17.76 m?
Klamath, Trees of Mystery tourist attraction, United States 17.70 m~91.13 m
Crescent City, Redwood National and State Parks, United States 17.68 m~100.58 m
Icod de los Vinos, San Marcos church, Spain 17.00 m?
Gandiaye, N1, Senegal 16.48 m?
Crescent City, Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith State Park, United States 16.40 m99.00 m
Myers Flatt, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, United States 16.39 m~110.64 m
Yakushima, Mt Takatsuka, Japan 16.20 m~25.30 m
Felton, Henry Cowell, United States 16.11 m~76.20 m
San Ildefonso (La Granja), Palacio Real de la Granja (Plaza España), Spain 16.05 m41.90 m
Heede, park, Germany 15.27 m21.00 m
Redwood National Park, Redwood National Park, United States 15.18 m115.72 m
Norra Kvill, Kvilleken, Sweden ~15.10 m15.00 m
Plataniotissa, Ortes, Greece >15.00 m~25.00 m
Mfuwe, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia >15.00 m?
Vendu Leidi, Clínica Vendu Leidi, Guinea-Bissau 14.75 m?
Weott, Upper Bull Creek, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, United States 14.65 m~111.65 m

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