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Field elm trees (Ulmus minor) worldwide

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LocationGirth Height
Cálig, Ermita del Socorro, Spain 9.32 m?
Biscarrosse, de kerk, France 7.89 m?
Nuevo Baztán, calle de los jardines - Travesía José Churriguera, Spain 6.54 m~21.02 m
Navajas, En la Plaza del pueblo, Spain 6.54 m?
Makov, U Papaji, Slovakia6.26 m~26.00 m
Han-sur-Lesse, caves of Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium ~6.00 m~20.00 m
Buckden, Barnwell Place, Buckden Road, United Kingdom~6.00 m?
Zduńska Wola, Złotnicki’s family, main park in the city, Poland >5.90 m~14.00 m
Saint-Pierre-des-Tripiers, weiland, France 5.69 m~28.00 m
Oestrich, Rheins, Germany 5.28 m17.00 m
Kisgörbo, Kisgörbo, Hungary4.75 m?
Zyznów, east side of the road, Poland ~4.70 m~24.00 m
Tauriac, église, France 4.64 m?
Bolesov, Bolesov, Slovakia 4.50 m~30.00 m
Csákvár/Lovasberény, Csákvár/Lovasberény, Hungary4.41 m?
Sciez, domaine du Guidou, France 4.38 m~26.00 m
Nagyváty, Nagyváty, Hungary4.32 m?
Fenékpuszta, Fenékpuszta, Hungary4.30 m?

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Monumental trees worldwide


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