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Pedunculate oak trees (Quercus robur) worldwide

By country

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Norra Kvill, Kvilleken, Sweden ~15.10 m15 m
JŠgerspris, JŠgerspris Nordskov, Denmark ~14 m~17 m
Manthorpe, farm in Manthorpe, United Kingdom 13.06 m~15 m
Bishop's Castle, Lydham Manor, United Kingdom 13 m?
Great Witley, private farmland near Great Witley, United Kingdom12.90 m?
Grendon Bishop, footpath east of Newbury Farm, United Kingdom12.80 m?
Bulat-Pestivien, Tronjoly, France 12.60 m~14 m
Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, church, France 12.50 m~13 m
Raesfeld, Erle, Germany 12.25 m~11 m
Ucieda, monte rio los vados, Spain12.20 m~13 m
Nonington, Fredville Park, United Kingdom 12.18 m18.80 m
Belau, am Wegrand bei Gut Perd÷l, Germany 11.97 m?
Welshpool, private field near Welshpool, United Kingdom11.75 m?
Ivenack, Tiergarten, Germany >11.59 m~31.06 m
Kentchurch, Kentchurch Court Park, United Kingdom11.55 m?
Thornbury, Eastwood Park, Falfield, United Kingdom11.52 m?
Stowmarket, New Bells Farm, Haughley Green, United Kingdom11.22 m?
Windsor, Windsor Great Park, United Kingdom 11.18 m?
Monumental trees worldwide


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