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White poplars (Populus alba) worldwide

By country

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Strazske, park, Slovakia 12.60 m?
Leszno, Karpinek, Poland 10.53 m?
Sütto, Sütto, Hungary 10.13 m?
Królewo, park, Poland 9.15 m?
Doba, Doba, Hungary9 m?
Dóc/Percsora, Dóc/Percsora, Hungary8.80 m?
Glinki, Vistula River, Poland 8.44 m~35 m
Révleányvár, Révleányvár, Hungary8 m?
Lónya, Lónya, Hungary7.75 m?
Alsóberecki, Alsóberecki, Hungary7.46 m?
Połajewo, Połajewo city, Poland ~7.40 m~30 m
Torony, Torony, Hungary7.40 m?
Hmvhely/Barci-rét, Hmvhely/Barci-rét, Hungary7.35 m?
Békéscsaba, Békéscsaba, Hungary7.31 m?
Barcs/Kisbók, Barcs/Kisbók, Hungary7.22 m?
Barcs, Barcs, Hungary7.15 m?
Kromolin, the old park, Poland 7.15 m?
Zalesie, Manor park, currently neglected, Poland 7.12 m~35 m
Monumental trees worldwide


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