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Horse-chestnut trees (Aesculus hippocastanum) worldwide

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LocationGirth Height
Laubach, Schloss Laubach, Germany 7.47 m26.00 m
High Wycombe, Hughenden Manor, United Kingdom 7.33 m22.00 m
Hurstbourne Priors, Bourne Rivulet river, United Kingdom 7.03 m33.80 m
Pathhead, Preston Hall, United Kingdom 6.67 m~24.00 m
Scarborough, Forge Valley, East Ayton, United Kingdom 6.62 m34.00 m
Weiler, Schlosses Weiler, Germany 6.51 m26.00 m
Johnstown, Palmerstown House Estate, Ireland 5.94 m17.00 m
Rotterdam, Crooswijk, Netherlands 5.80 m21.60 m
Paris, parc, avenue Gustave Eiffel, France 5.72 m~22.00 m
Mettlach, Abteipark, Germany 5.65 m?
Hrabusice, Hrabusice, Slovakia 5.62 m18.60 m
Dinxperlo, Protestant church in the center, Netherlands 5.60 m~28.00 m
Zeist, Zusterenplein, Netherlands 5.40 m~20.00 m
Schröck, einem Bildstock am Ortsrand, Germany 5.40 m19.00 m
Lubiń, church, Poland 5.36 m24.80 m
Budapest/Margitsziget, Budapest/Margitsziget, Hungary5.33 m?
Nieder-Erlenbach, auf dem Schäferköppels, Germany 5.32 m19.00 m
Oosterbeek, Benedendorpsweg, Netherlands 5.30 m18.50 m

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Monumental trees worldwide


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