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Dawn redwoods (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) worldwide

By country

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Frankfurt am Main, Botanischer Garten, Germany 5.25 m29.50 m
Oldenzaal, park Kalheupink, Netherlands 5.12 m21.80 m
Singen (Hohentwiel), Stadtpark, Germany 5 m?
Schachen, Lindenhofparks, Germany 5 m?
Überlingen, Uferpark, Germany 4.99 m?
Cambridge, Fellows' Garden, Clare College, United Kingdom 4.88 m23.50 m
Zweibrucken, rose garden of the city, Germany 4.62 m~23 m
Woking, Woking Park, United Kingdom 4.53 m~22 m
Bocholt, Schloss Diepenbrock, Germany ~4.50 m?
Baden, Doblhoffpark, Austria 4.48 m~27 m
Baarn, Cantonspark, Netherlands 4.46 m25.40 m
Orléans, Parc floral de la Source, France 4.46 m?
Insel Mainau, in a park, Germany 4.45 m28 m
Vught, Huize Voorburg, Netherlands 4.44 m26 m
Schachen, Giebelbachstraße, Germany 4.38 m?
Hohenheim, Hohenheimer Gärten, Germany 4.35 m29 m
Delft, Botanische tuin, Netherlands 4.26 m?
Bexbach, Bergbaumuseums, Germany 4.16 m~25 m
Monumental trees worldwide


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