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Bald cypress 'The Senator' in Big Tree Park in Longwood

There was one bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) in Big Tree Park in Longwood (Seminole County). This tree doesn't exist anymore today.

This tree is called "The Senator". Until January 2012 this was the largest bald cypress tree in the United States. A 2006 survey by Will Blozan of the Native Tree Society has measured the volume at well over 140 m³ (5,100 cubic feet), making The Senator at the time not only the largest Bald Cypress in the United States, but also the largest tree of any species east of the Mississippi River.

On 16 January 2012 it caught fire (due to arson) and fell after the fire, leaving a 6-7 m stump.

The girth of the tree is 10.77 m measured at a height of 1.37 m (May 2006, Will Blozan). Its height is exactly 34.66 m (May 2006, laser with Sine method (e.g. Nikon Forestry 550 laser rangefinder), Will Blozan).

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The Senator (bald cypress "1694")

Big Tree Park, picture by Ashley Schmidt, 2006-04-30

Big Tree Park, picture by Han van Meegeren, 2012-03-02

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