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Giant sequoia east of south Weed in Weed

There is one giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) east of south Weed in Weed (Siskiyou County).

December 13, 2010

Actually there are about 100 Giant Sequoia along the North side of the Creek running froma spring east of the mainline railroad tracks. The trees range from 10 feet tall to about 60 feet tall. If they were planted it is a mystery who did it. The land is timber company pine plantation, but the Giant Sequoias are growing on the edge of this, in a zone near the creek.

There are also other groves of Giant Sequoia 1/2 mile north and two hundred yards to the East of the railroad tracks.

If anyone has an idea why these are growing here, let me know. I hear that timber companies do not plant these trees because when they cut them down the lumber breaks badly and so is not a desired lumber product. -Robert Earl Sutter III

The girth of this tree is not known. As this tree is a tree with multiple trunks, the girth can be larger than what would be expected of the tree of this age. Its height is not known.

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