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Monumental trees in the United States

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LocationGirth Height
Kings Canyon National Park, Grant's Grove 27.80 m81.10 m
Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest 25.90 m83.50 m
Mountain Home Demonstration Forest, Balch Park 24.77 m70.30 m
Crescent City, Grove of the Titans, Jed Smith State Park 24.69 m~97.84 m
Sequoia National Forest, Giant Sequoia National Monument 24.30 m81.90 m
Mountain Home Demonstration Forest, Balch Park 23.80 m?
Orick, Drury Scenic Pkwy in Prarie Creek State Park 22.73 m87.20 m
Orick, Redwood National Park 21.49 m80.47 m
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, South Grove21.35 m79.85 m
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, North Grove 19.02 m81.00 m
Kalaloch, Olympic National Park 18.80 m37.50 m
Lake Quinault, Lake Quinault Resort 18.70 m53.00 m
Orick, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park 18.59 m87.78 m
Orick, picnic area of Prarie Creek Redwood State Park 17.76 m?
Klamath, Trees of Mystery tourist attraction 17.70 m~91.13 m
Crescent City, Howland Hill in Jed Smith redwoods state park 17.68 m~100.58 m
Crescent City, Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith State Park 16.40 m99.00 m
Myers Flatt, Humboldt Redwoods State Park 16.39 m~110.64 m

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Monumental trees worldwide


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