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Giant sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in the United States

By state

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Kings Canyon National Park, Grant's Grove 27.80 m81.10 m
Sequoia National Park, Giant Forest 25.90 m83.50 m
Mountain Home Demonstration Forest, Balch Park 24.77 m70.30 m
Sequoia National Forest, Giant Sequoia National Monument 24.30 m81.90 m
Mountain Home Demonstration Forest, Balch Park 23.80 m?
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, South Grove21.35 m79.85 m
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, North Grove 19.02 m81.00 m
Tacoma, Jefferson Park 11.04 m~33.83 m
Hillsboro, SW Grabel Road 10.92 m~36.88 m
Forest Grove, Pacific Avenue and B street 9.96 m~21.34 m
Forest Grove, Hawthorne Street 9.75 m~46.33 m
Hillsboro, Giant Sequoia Heritage Tree Site 9.04 m~45.72 m
Tacoma, of a church 8.69 m?
Eugene, South Garden Way8.38 m~42.37 m
Mt. Angel, Benedictine Sisters monastery8.33 m~39.32 m
Seattle, 40th Avenue W, Magnolia Bluff 8.23 m~30.48 m
Portland, SW Patton Road7.62 m~35.05 m
Portland, SE Hawthorne 6.80 m~30.48 m
Girth = girth measured at 1.37 m
Height = estimated height
= one registered tree
= two registered trees
= more than two registered trees
= photo available
= top of tree lost/damaged by lighting
= not yet confirmed that tree really exists
= measurements older than 15 years

By location

Full size map
 Exact positionApproximate position
Girth larger than 9.00 m
Girth between 6.00 m and 9.00 m
Girth between 5.00 m and 6.00 m
Girth between 4.00 m and 5.00 m
Girth between 3.00 m and 4.00 m
Girth less than 3.00 m
Girth unknown




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