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Pedunculate oak 'Kvilleken' Kvilleken in Norra Kvill

There is one pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) Kvilleken in Norra Kvill (municipality of Vimmerby).

This tree is called "Kvilleken". The Kvilleken (Kvill's Oak) or Rumskullaeken, named after the closeby hamlet of Norra Kvill, is Europe's thickest oak. Like all old oak trees, the tree has a hollow trunk, so it is impossible to determine its age by simply counting tree rings.

A part of the trunk must have died off a long time ago and is currently attached to the rest of the trunk using cables, so the tree cannot collapse further. Although many trees claim to be over a thousand years old, a magical age like this is not so unlikely for this particular tree.

The total volume of this tree was calculated to be 60 cubic metres, the third largest volume of all trees (and oaks) of Sweden.

Oldest description in 1774 when Gabriel Graelius measured it's girth to 22 ells, 13.06 in meters. Unknown at which height. It was hollow at that time too and used as a tool shed.

Waldermar Bülow described it 1917, and measured it's girth to 12,75 m, unknown at which height.

Bertil Lindquist, professor in botanics estimated its age to between 750 and 950 years, most likely 850 years, in 1939 by dendrochronology near the center, and comparing growth rate with younger trees in the area with intact trunks.

1997 it was measured to 14,11 m at breast height.

The International Oak Society has recently (may 2014) published an article about the tree on her site: See also the "blog entry" at the end of the article for more actual pictures. On some browsers you don't come in, then use and look in the left colum halfway down for the article under "DENDROLOGY, The Mighty Oak of Kvill". A report about research by Swedish arborists and a group of scientists in 2013 can be found on this site:

Girth growth rate

The girth was measured more than once:
YearGirth@1.3 mMeasurementGirth growth rate
200014.20 mJeroen Philippona-
200614.75 mJeroen Pater9 cm/year
2014~15.10 mMaarten Windemuller4 cm/year

The growth rate shown in the table shows the yearly average increase in girth since the last measurement. This value only gives an indication of the growth rate, since every measurement could be done at slightly different heights and during different periods of the year.


The height was measured more than once:
YearHeightMeasurementMeasurement method
2000-07-25~16 m Jeroen PhilipponaMeasurement method unknown
2014-06-2615 mMaarten WindemullerLaser with Sine method (e.g. Nikon Forestry 550 laser rangefinder)

Each measurement can be done with varying accuracy.This tree was planted in 1500, which makes it exactly 515 years old (Tim B, Oct 1, 2011).

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Kvilleken (pedunculate oak "1701")

Kvilleken, picture by tomjoye, 2014-05-22

Kvilleken, picture by Gräsmark

Kvilleken, picture by Maarten Windemuller, 2008-07-19

Kvilleken, picture by Maarten Windemuller

Many visitors walk around the tree. A layer of mulch and an 'open' platform over it will help the tree.

Kvilleken, picture by Maarten Windemuller

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