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Slideshow of remarkable trees

  • Utah juniper in the South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, United States (Wim Brinkerink)
  • Giant sequoia in the Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park, United States (Orfee)
  • Sweet chestnut close to the Gîte d'Etape, Cozzano, France (Tim B)
  • Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park, United States (Tim B)
  • European beech close to the Löserhag, Oberbach, Germany (Rainer Lippert)
  • Oriental plane near the entrance of the arboretum, Trsteno, Croatia (MColombari1)
  • Bristlecone pine in Patriarch Grove, Big Pine, United States (Tiziano Rootman Fratus)
  • Pedunculate oak close to the entrance of  Charleville Forst, Tullamnore, Ireland (Maarten Windemuller)
  • Pedunculate oak in the Lobau, Donaustadt, Austria (Acerus)
  • Monterey cypress  ten zuiden van Carmel, Carmel, United States (Wim Brinkerink)
  • Pedunculate oak in the forest, Prašnik Special Reserve, Croatia (MColombari1)
  • European silver fir close to the Sirnitz-Pass, Müllheim, Germany (Karlheinz)
  • Giant sequoia in Grant's Grove, Kings Canyon National Park, United States (Orfee)
  • Giant sequoia in the Sonian Forest, Hoeilaart, Belgium (Marc Meyer)

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