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Slideshow of remarkable trees

  • Coast redwood 'Rockefeller Tree' along the Upper Bull Creek, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Weott, United States (John D Harvey)
  • Giant sequoia in the Sonian Forest, Hoeilaart, Belgium (Marc Meyer)
  • Holm oak south of Grazalema, route Ubrique - Ronda. A2302, Grazalema, Spain (Wim Brinkerink)
  • Sessile oak 'Bouquet de la reine Amélie' in the Forêt de Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau, France (Han van Meegeren)
  • Bristlecone pine 'The Patriarch' in Patriarch Grove, Big Pine, United States (Tiziano Rootman Fratus)
  • Coast redwood 'The Screaming Titans' in Grove of the Titans, Jed Smith State Park, Crescent City, United States (John D Harvey)
  • National Park of Białowieża in Białowieża, Poland (Jeroen Philippona)
  • European beech close to the grote appelboomgaard, Remersdaal (Kys), Belgium (Erwt4)
  • Pedunculate oak in the National Park of Białowieża, Białowieża, Poland (Jeroen Philippona)
  • Pedunculate oak 'Knusteiche' in the Tiergarten, Ivenack, Germany (Tim B)
  • Pedunculate oak on the bord de la route D92, Rimsdorf, France (Sisley)
  • White poplar on the grounds of the Golf Club Wien, Leopoldstadt, Austria (Acerus)
  • Pedunculate oak 'Dąb Chrobry' in Piotrowice, Szprotawa, Poland (Panoramio User rem49)
  • Silver birch on the heide van Wolfheze, Wolfheze, Netherlands (Henk van Boeschoten)

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