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Slideshow of remarkable trees

  • European beech in the area of Meijendel, Wassenaar, Netherlands (Wim Brinkerink)
  • Common ash on the south side of Djurs÷, Djurs÷, Sweden (Maarten Windemuller)
  • White willow close to Jekuli, Priekuli, Latvia (Zeltins)
  • Black poplar in the Prater, Leopoldstadt, Austria (Acerus)
  • Black poplar 'Big Joe - Gro▀john' in the Prater, Leopoldstadt, Austria (MrGreen)
  • European beech on the Col St. Pierre, Cristinacce, France (Tim B)
  • Small-leaved lime in Speck, Kargow, Germany (Frank Gyssling)
  • Sessile oak in Cowdray Park, Midhurst, United Kingdom (Wim Brinkerink)
  • Pedunculate oak along the A303, Mere, United Kingdom (Henk van Boeschoten)
  • Pedunculate oak 'The Bowthorpe Oak' behind the farm in Manthorpe, Manthorpe, United Kingdom (Henk van Boeschoten)
  • Field elm in a weiland, Saint-Pierre-des-Tripiers, France (Han van Meegeren)

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