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Slideshow of remarkable trees

  • Silver birch close to Gaigalas, Anna, Latvia (Zeltins)
  • Large-leaved lime in the park, Heede, Germany (Maarten Windemuller)
  • Sessile oak in the ForÍt de Fontainebleau, Barbizon, France (Han van Meegeren)
  • Yew at the end of Church Lane, Hambledon, United Kingdom (Henk van Boeschoten)
  • Sweet chestnut in Cowdray Park, Midhurst, United Kingdom (Wim Brinkerink)
  • National Park of Białowieża in Białowieża, Poland (Jeroen Philippona)
  • Black poplar in the street Donaukanallšnde, Albern, Austria (MrGreen)
  • Baobab near the main road, Kamolisya Hills, Zambia (Tim B)
  • Bristlecone pine in Patriarch Grove, Big Pine, United States (Tiziano Rootman Fratus)
  • Banyan on the road of the Gorkha to border, Gorkha, Nepal (Wim Brinkerink)
  • Pedunculate oak close to Natini, Edole, Latvia (Zeltins)
  • Holm oak in a meadow near Casserres, Casserres, Spain (Monzon)
  • Black locust close to the Lobauer ÷lhafens, Donaustadt, Austria (MrGreen)
  • White oak at the cemetery of the Salem friends, Salem, United States (John D Harvey)
  • European beech in the street beim Wanderparkplatz Pfeust, Fladungen, Germany (Rainer Lippert)
  • Grey willow  En medio del bosque de laureles, Isla de Cortegada, Carril, Spain (Gaspar BernŠrdez Villegas 77)
  • Giant sequoia in the Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park, United States (Orfee)

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