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Pedunculate oak 'Bartek' Bartek in Zagnańsk

There is one pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) Bartek in Zagnańsk (powiat of Kielce).

This tree is called "Bartek". Bartek is an ancient oak tree in Poland. It grows in Zagnańsk near Kielce in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Its age, long estimated at up to 1200 years, has recently been determined more exactly, with a corer used to extract a sample for proper counting of the growth rings. There are at least three older oaks in Poland, though none so famous as Bartek.

The 30-metre tall Bartek measures 13.5 metres in girth at its base. Its crown spreads about 40 metres. Under the Bartek oak tree, King Casimir III is known to have been pictured as holding his court. It is also told that Jan III Sobieski rested under this tree on his way back from the Battle of Vienna, and hid a Turkish sabre, an arquebus and a bottle of wine inside it. The old oak is in decline.

Girth growth rate

The girth was measured more than once:
YearGirth@1.3 mMeasurementGirth growth rate
19989.45 mJeroen Pater-
20139.71 mAndrew Weber2 cm/year

The growth rate shown in the table shows the yearly average increase in girth since the last measurement. This value only gives an indication of the growth rate, since every measurement could be done at slightly different heights and during different periods of the year.


The height was measured more than once:
YearHeightMeasurementMeasurement method
1998~23.00 m Jeroen PaterMeasurement method unknown
201428.90 mAndrew WeberLaser with Sine method (e.g. Nikon Forestry 550 laser rangefinder)

Each measurement can be done with varying accuracy.


The age of the tree was estimated by these persons:
YearPlanting or germination yearAgeMeasurement
Oct 1, 20111385 ± 10629 ± 10 yTim B
Jan 21, 20141340 ± 10674 ± 10 yStoj

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Bartek (pedunculate oak "1789")

Bartek, picture by Wikipedysta:Goku122, 2005-08-11

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