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White poplar 'Lesznowska Topola' in the park of Karpinek in Leszno

There was one white poplar (Populus alba) in the park of Karpinek in Leszno (powiat of Warsaw). This tree doesn't exist anymore today.

This tree is called "Lesznowska Topola". Girth on the ground level: 14m.

The tree collapsed in May 2012.

The girth of the tree, measured at a height of 1.30 m, is 10.53 m (2009, Piotr Gach). Its height is not known. This tree was planted around the year 1685 ± 50, which makes it around 330 ± 50 years old (Piotr Gach, Nov 13, 2011).

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Lesznowska Topola (white poplar "5031")

Karpinek, picture by Piotr Gach

Karpinek, picture by Piotr Gach

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