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Monumental trees in the Middle East

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LocationGirth Height
Istanbul, Topkapi palace, Turkey 6.95 m20.60 m
Posof, Incedere village, Turkey ~2.00 m~20.00 m
Shahrestanak, Shahrestanak, Iran ~9.10 m~12.50 m
Jerusalem, Gethsemane, Israel >4.00 m?
Istanbul, Haghia Sophia, Turkey 3.94 m?
Antalya, The Fluted (Yivli) Minaret Mosque, Turkey 3.24 m?
Antalya, Cumhuriyet Myd, Turkey 3.16 m?
Aksu, Mersin Antalya Yolu (D400), Turkey 2.82 m?
Antalya, Hasan Antalya, Turkey 1.76 m?
Cavusin (cappadocia), Zelve Yolu, Pasabag, Turkey 1.30 m?
Mut, Mersin Karaman Yolu, Turkey ??
Istanbul, Hamdullah Pasa Mosque in Cengelkoy, Turkey ??
Medreselik, D715, Turkey ??
Antalya, plein nabij Yidi Minare, Turkey ??
Elmalı, Antalya elmal, Turkey??
Salihli, Subatan Plateau, Turkey ??
Elmali, Ciglikara, Turkey??
Abarkuh, Sarv-e Abarqu, Iran??

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