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Monumental trees in Luxembourg

By province

By species

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Altrier, Forest 7.47 m22.60 m
Putscheid, au milieu du village 6.88 m~18 m
Luxemburg, parc de ville 6.73 m~32 m
Greiveldange, At the "Bricherhaff" farm, to the west of6.09 m~18 m
Calmus, village 6.03 m24.80 m
Dudelange, Rue Pierre Theis5.72 m~35 m
Munshausen, on the north-western edge of the village5.69 m~25 m
Saeul, left of the main road on the northern edge of 5.49 m29.80 m
Niederglabach, On the sothwestern edge of teh "Scheedchen" forest 4.76 m~24 m
Oberglabach, sur la colline au sud-est du village 4.54 m~26 m
Stegen, About 150 m to the west of the "Brücherheck" farm. 4.44 m~18 m
Medernach, in a meadow to the north-west of the village 4.30 m26.40 m
Savelborn, after leaving the village on the road to Beaufort 4.21 m27 m
Beyren, in the forest, inbetween Beyren and Kapenaker 4.10 m23.80 m
Ferme Pletschette, Pletschette farm 3.58 m21.40 m
Ferme Weydert, To the west of the farm 3.36 m~11 m
Moutfort, Ferme Pléitreng 3.05 m~17 m
Lenningen, in the forest between Ehnen and Lenningen 2.54 m~25 m
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