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Monumental trees in England

By county

By species

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Marton, a private garden in Oak Lane14.02 m?
Tisbury, Compton Chamberlayne estate ~13.50 m~29.00 m
Wimborne Minster, grounds of Canford School 13.44 m~19.00 m
Manthorpe, farm in Manthorpe 13.06 m~15.00 m
Bishop's Castle, Lydham Manor 13.00 m?
Great Witley, private farmland near Great Witley12.90 m?
Grendon Bishop, footpath east of Newbury Farm12.80 m?
Midhurst, Cowdray Park 12.60 m~8.00 m
Nonington, Fredville Park 12.18 m18.80 m
Breamore, parish churchyard 11.91 m?
Kentchurch, Kentchurch Court Park11.55 m?
Thornbury, Eastwood Park, Falfield11.52 m?
Ulcombe, village church of Ulcombe 11.35 m8.40 m
Stowmarket, New Bells Farm, Haughley Green11.22 m?
Penrith, Hutton-in-the-Forest ~11.20 m~37.00 m
Windsor, Windsor Great Park 11.18 m?
Mottisfont, River Test 11.15 m~12.00 m
Ludlow, Crow Leasow Farm, Bitterley11.11 m?
Girth = girth measured at 1.50 m
Height = estimated height
= one registered tree
= two registered trees
= more than two registered trees
= photo available
= top of tree lost/damaged by lighting
= not yet confirmed that tree really exists
= measurements older than 15 years

By location

Full size map
 Exact positionApproximate position
Girth larger than 9.00 m
Girth between 6.00 m and 9.00 m
Girth between 5.00 m and 6.00 m
Girth between 4.00 m and 5.00 m
Girth between 3.00 m and 4.00 m
Girth less than 3.00 m
Girth unknown




Monumental trees in the United Kingdom
Monumental trees worldwide


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