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Olive tree west of the roundabout of Gassin-La Foux in Gassin

There is one olive tree (Olea europaea) west of the roundabout of Gassin-La Foux in Gassin.

The tree can be seen with Google Street View. I remember it being there already when I was a child, at least 10 years ago. A sign in front of it reads "Olivier de 2000 ans", which means "2000 year-old olive tree."

The girth of this tree is not known. As this tree is a tree with multiple trunks, the girth can be larger than what would be expected of the tree of this age. Its height is not known. This tree was planted around the year 50 BC ± 50, which makes it around 2065 ± 50 years old (GilGalad, Apr 13, 2012).

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