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Giant sequoia in a private garden in Châlus

There is one giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in a private garden in Châlus.

This could be the French Champion Giant Sequoia: 12m60 at 1m50 to be confirmed. Challengers are mainly in Alsace, Pyrénées and West coast including Normandy.

Girth growth rate

The girth was measured more than once:
YearGirth@1.3 mMeasurementGirth growth rate
201012.60 mMarc Meyer-
201113.10 mmoel50 cm/year

The growth rate shown in the table shows the yearly average increase in girth since the last measurement. This value only gives an indication of the growth rate, since every measurement could be done at slightly different heights and during different periods of the year. Its height is not known.


The age of the tree was estimated by these persons:
YearPlanting or germination yearAgeMeasurement
Oct 1, 20111853162 yTim B
Jan 8, 20121853162 yJeroen Philippona

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Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) "1804"

Private garden, picture by Marc Meyer, 2012-07-06

Private garden, picture by Vincent Mauritz, 1993-07-00

This older picture shows the tree as it was before the lightning strike that made the tree loose a major part of its crown.

Private garden, picture by Marc Meyer, 2012-07-06

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