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Monumental trees in Hainaut

By municipality

By species

By girth

LocationGirth Height
Arc-Ainières, cimetière 9.12 m?
Harveng, castle of Marchienne 8.60 m~32.00 m
Enghien, castle of Enghien 7.80 m36.00 m
Cambron-Casteau, Pairi Daiza 7.05 m?
Morlanwelz, estate of Mariemont 6.30 m~40.00 m
Thieusies, château de la Baille Rouge5.80 m~39.00 m
Le Rœulx, château du Rœulx5.41 m~35.00 m
Anvaing, château d'Anvaing5.35 m?
Manage, Rue de Tyberchamps5.23 m~35.00 m
Forges, abbaye de Scourmont 5.20 m~34.00 m
Frasnes-lez-Gosselies, château de Dobbeleer5.07 m~35.00 m
Barbençon, Allée du Château 5.01 m~25.00 m
Feluy, château de Miremont 4.92 m~28.00 m
Fayt-lez-Manage, château de Jolimont4.70 m~31.00 m
Binche, parc Derbay4.50 m~32.00 m
Bléharies, parc communal4.35 m~35.00 m
Brugelette, parc communal4.20 m~28.00 m
Beloeil, château de Beloeil 4.17 m?
Girth = girth measured at 1.50 m
Height = estimated height
= one registered tree
= two registered trees
= more than two registered trees
= photo available
= top of tree lost/damaged by lighting
= not yet confirmed that tree really exists
= measurements older than 15 years

By location

Full size map
 Exact positionApproximate position
Girth larger than 9.00 m
Girth between 6.00 m and 9.00 m
Girth between 5.00 m and 6.00 m
Girth between 4.00 m and 5.00 m
Girth between 3.00 m and 4.00 m
Girth less than 3.00 m
Girth unknown




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