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Giant sequoia in the Sonian Forest

This page contains specific information about giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) '2034', which can be found in the Sonian Forest in Hoeilaart.

This is the largest of a small grove of 17 giant sequoias growing close to each other on a hill in the middle of the Sonian beech forest. They were planted there along with western hemlocks, larches and red cedars. A second group of 5 giant sequoias stands about 80m further. Quiet a surprise to find these trees in this forest!

The girth of the tree, measured at a height of 1.50 m, is 4.25 m (2010, Marc Meyer). Its height is exactly 45.60 m (Feb 13, 2011, laser with Sine method (e.g. Nikon Forestry 550 laser rangefinder), Marc Meyer).

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The photos are provided by Marc Meyer.

Sonian Forest, picture by Marc Meyer

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