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Monumentale Bäume in North Yorkshire

Nach Art

Nach Umfang

StandortUmfang Höhe
Ingleby Greenhow, Greenhow Bank above Old Sheepfold Farm10,75 m?
Studley Royal Deer Park, middle part of the Valley of the Seven Bridges 7,52 m34,60 m
Knaresborough, Conyngham Hall 6,28 m33,60 m
Studley Royal Deer Park, top end of the Valley of the Seven Bridges 6,18 m36 m
Studley Royal Deer Park, deer-park5,80 m?
Studley Royal Deer Park, drive up to the church from the main gate 5,20 m39,40 m
Duncombe Park, in the Rye Valley at Duncombe Park ~5 m43,20 m
Duncombe Park, the Rye Valley, Duncombe Park ~5 m42 m
Duncombe Park, Rye Valley ~4,80 m41 m
Sawley, Hebden Wood 4,75 m53,30 m
Harrogate, Ripley Castle 4,68 m~22 m
Goldsborough, of a house called Highfield ~4,60 m24 m
Duncombe Park, the Orangery on the terrace 4,50 m35 m
Duncombe Park, bottom of east facing escarpment below Ionic Temple and Dunc ~4,20 m36,20 m
Thorpe Perrow Arboretum, end of Main Avenue at junction with Fern Avenue ~4,20 m29 m
Fountains Abbey, Skell valley just below the Abbey on the right ~4,15 m35,20 m
Wykeham Forest, Beedale valley 4,05 m44 m
Ebberston, the valley above the church ~4 m44 m
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