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Monumentale Bäume in Dorset

Nach Art

Nach Umfang

StandortUmfang Höhe
Wimborne Minster, grounds of Canford School 13,44 m~19 m
Silton, meadow east of the church along footpath 10,39 m9,80 m
Woolland, Woolland church 9,30 m?
Beaminster, Parnham Park8,71 m?
Wimborne Minster, Kingston Lacy 7,58 m27,60 m
Yeovil, Melbury deer-park 7,05 m~28 m
Blandford Forum, Bryanston School 6,19 m48,56 m
Wimborne Minster, Deans Court Estate 5,30 m~31 m
Kimmeridge, garden in the village ~4,50 m~17 m
Sixpenny Handley, Vernditch Chase3,30 m?
Chard, Forde Abbey3,26 m~22 m
Bournemouth, At Butchers Coppice Scout Camp ??
Brownsea Island, path west of the Visitor Centre ??
Brownsea Island, Right hand track just after Entrance ??
Brownsea Island, In First Clearing from Entrance with Peacocks ??
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