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Elsbeere in l'ouest du cimetière, dans la forêt du Buchholz, Sarreguemines, Frankreich


Bild von Sisley



KoutaR, am 2012-04-09 09:07:34, hat gesagt:
Sisley, Congratulations! Your S. torminalis may even be the tallest of Europe. Let's see how tall the specimen near Göttingen, Germany, is. (The claimed height is 34 m.) Congratulations also on your 33.4-m hornbeam. I think it is the second tallest laser-measured in Europe.


Sisley, am 2012-04-08 19:04:04, hat gesagt:
Today I re-measured its height following the discussion with R. Kouta, in which he explained that with the Nikon S 550A should always aim higher than the tops.

I was therefore surprised to find such dimensions, this leads us to consider this specimen as one of the tallest in France and neighboring countries.

I also found several exceeding 26 m. But it will be difficult to find greatest sorbus.

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Standort: l'ouest du cimetière, dans la forêt du Buchholz, Sarreguemines

Specimen: Elsbeere
(Sorbus torminalis) "6377"

Baumart: Elsbeere
(Sorbus torminalis)

49.096143, 7.065529
N49 5.7685799999999 E7 3.93174
49° 5' 46.1" N, 7° 3' 55.9" E

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Fotograf: Sisley
Datenbank-Datum: 2012-01-17
Hochgeladen am 2012-04-08 18:45:31

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