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Rotbuche an den Ufern des Shepherds Gutter, Bramshaw, Vereinigten Königreich


Bild von Owen Munday



WiPe, am 2011-11-30 12:35:03, hat gesagt:
It looks like all braches are attached at the same height. This might mean that this tree once has bene pollarded. And it alos seems that most of the other trees arounf are much younger. So it might not suprise me that this area once has been a wood pasture. Wood pasture contains a mix of young mature trees, often pollards standing in open grassland or heathland, this type of habitat has been created by land use going back thousands of years, the grassland would be grazed and the trees or pollards harvested for timber.

But most important: the wood looks much younger as this tree, wich might explain how this tree could devellop in such a manner in what looks like a shady wood.

Owen Munday, am 2011-11-30 10:09:41, hat gesagt:
It's really strange how many branches come off the main trunk and reach up to the light.There like flailing arms, reaching up to daylight. And not many trees can grow to 5.47m and have so many branches in a shady wood! I must see this tree!

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Standort: Shepherds Gutter, Hampshire

Specimen: Rotbuche
(Fagus sylvatica) "5029"

Baumart: Rotbuche
(Fagus sylvatica)

50.934599, -1.624571
N50 56.07594 W1 37.47426
50° 56' 4.6" N, 1° 37' 28.5" W

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Fotograf: Owen Munday
Hochgeladen am 2011-11-12 12:27:13

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