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Echte Sumpfzypresse in Cat Island NWR, St. Francisville, Vereinigten Staaten


Bild von hank5720 · Bild in voller Auflösung (576x864)


(en) Tree is the National bald cypress, largest tree in North America east of California. Photo by Patrick Walsh of the St. Francisville Inn.


Joel Skok, am 2012-11-25 21:23:35, hat gesagt:
Thanks for sharing this picture. Always wondered what this speciman looked like, having read about in several places. 5/5
Gaspar Bernárdez Villegas 77, am 2012-09-28 15:52:15, hat gesagt:
Hello Hank, I congratulate you. Your photo of the bald cypress is incredible. I have contributed a copy in Spain, but it has nothing to do. Regards Gaspar
Tiziano Rootman Fratus, am 2011-05-15 11:39:19, hat gesagt:
So strange shape at the base. It remember me some planes in a big park in the north of Italy, at Racconigi Castle, where the trees supply water near the superficies of the ground. So they have large bases but not go down deep.
Tim B, am 2011-05-12 06:33:45, hat gesagt:
Hi Hank, that's a great picture. Welcome! I once tried to find this tree (stayed in the St. Francisville Inn) but the NWR was flooded. I couldn't get my car much further than half a mile behind the gate. Guess I have to back there.


hank5720, am 2011-05-12 05:35:34, hat gesagt:
Individual shown in the photo is over six feet tall. The tree shown is the National Bald-cypress tree in Cat Island NWR minutes from historic St. Francisville, La.

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Standort: Cat Island NWR, West Feliciana Parish

Specimen: Echte Sumpfzypresse
(Taxodium distichum) "4298"

Baumart: Echte Sumpfzypresse
(Taxodium distichum)

30.760011, -91.485815
N30 45.60066 W91 29.1489
30° 45' 36" N, 91° 29' 8.9" W

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Fotograf: hank5720
Hochgeladen am 2011-05-12 05:33:27

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